When you know better, you do better!

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The Good Rev

The Rev. Deacon Dr. Elroy Jenkins is wearing the building fund and keeping his blow out tight with it! Keep Me Near The Cross While Holding My Mule Baptist AME Church on The Little Rock of Salvation Blvd, will forever be in that hot ass, one room shack that makes Mother Pearl sweat out her press and curl each and every Sunday!

Like I said on FB…

There’s just a conglomerate of disgusting ass shit in that room…including her rude ass shape!


Sharde Nicole, you mad???

Your thirst is still on blast….LOL LOL Bitch, quit posting IG pics, yall ain’t even like that…you are only a smash and grab….a bed warmer…some late night creep….easy pussy….you get it?

Steelers fans, where you at?

I still say her titties need a healthy dose of Zoloft…


Bitch, you still filthy as fuck!

Like I said on FB, you have time to lose weight, but no time to clean up? And you brought a newborn home in that pig sty? Now run and tell that, you dick face hoe!


Mouth wide shut…

Damn, she could suck a dick with her mouth closed…Look like someone shoved a sawed off shotgun in there….

that mouf

Opps…He put your thirsty ass out there didn’t he?

Chile, you a side line hoe, get out your feelings and play your part…


This bitch..

Chile, if you don’t get your sloppy ass down…and I hope you catch a splinter dead off in your ass!


You mad you were outed?

Like I said before, you a nasty shitty moufed ass mutha fucka…¬†Whosever ass you eating, I hope they poot in your mouf!


Where’s Big Mama’s belt when you need it?

Dirty foot ass bitch, you need your trifling ass beat for this bullshit!!! Now get your ass up, put on some pants, give lil Tink Tink a bath, cause he looks as dusty as you, put some clean clothes on him and give him something other than Ramen Noodles to eat for dinner!