When you know better, you do better!

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Suck some dick for an outfit…


Nawl, I’m good…

This pussy straight….

Well damn…

You eat that pussy you liable to die by suffocation…. I know her snapper & pits are mustier than a boys locker room…


Kick these trifling hoes dead off in their stanking ass twats!


Iwon even wanna know the purpose behind this….


2 thickums & a clown faced midget!

Who’s freak fantasy is this??


Eat it, beat it or leave it?


Is she pregnant or have a bad case of booty-do?

When twerking goes wrong….

♪♫ one little chi-chi jumping in the bed, one fell off and bust his head..mama called the doctor and the doctor said, “that’s what you get for jumping in the bed!” ♪♫

Why must I cry?

Why bitches gotta get nekkid to prove a point? Now you see why I don’t do public transpo! Sitting her rancid pussy all on the seats!