When you know better, you do better!

Pops popcorn…

This is so damn messy, but I’m loving it…



  1. Now dis shit wrong on sooo many lvls. IDK if they should be on Maury or Jerry Springer!! Damn, this is why you don’t just be fucking wit anybody out here and poppin out kids….that mf had to be a NO GOOD when she met him, sooooo she is 50% to blame herself….alsooooo this HERPES deal??????? So, she telling on herself…she prob has it too….whatever gets u through da night….this ratchet ish…smh

  2. So you mean to tell me your dumbass slept with him knowing about the other kids he already wasn’t taking care of? Dont get mad at hima nd wanna put him on blast you the dumbest one here. You had kids with a man you knew wasnt shit and you did it more than once. Go back to school and learn what not to do. KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSED cause at this point you aint shit just like he aint shit either. STUPID ASS HELL!!!

  3. ROFLACGU… now this is entertaining. Maury…YES! Springer…YES! Both of y’all stupid…YES!! WE HAVE GOT TO DO BETTER. SMDH, like the one commenter said… You just as stupid cause you knew what you had and still hooked up.
    I do say tho… This could be a learning experience for others… (Men & Women) for what NOT to do on both sides of the story. It’s a shame though, cause it seems the children are the ones suffering from their parents Stupidity. :-/ lets get it together people.

  4. I’m the one who sent this to F&F. She’s one of my old coworkers. She’s actually a really nice person but she has no problem airing her business online. That mess is funny as hell! I put “anonymous” so she wouldn’t know who put it up there. I see what she got. I don’t want her trying to get at me!


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