When you know better, you do better!

The ash struggle is real..

I just wanna drown her in a tub full of shea butter, coconut oil, Vaseline, motor oil, with just a tainch of canola oil for good measure….



  1. LMAO@”tainch”! This has to be a “heron” ho photoshoot ’cause ain’t no way a sober bitch thinks this is sexy!

  2. Lanolin, 10 bucks a tube, but worth it bitch! Holy shit! I know nursing makes mine raw as fuck, but god damn!

  3. Really!!!!!! I’m so angry at her!!! And I’m also tickled at the comment just a tainch of canola oil. Grease her down in some kind of slick oily solutions then wrap her in plastic and place her in a dark place for 6 weeks. Please…..


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