When you know better, you do better!

Trap house diaries….

Just another normal day at the trap…don’t mind us, we just fucking….



  1. SMH,LMAO,& throwing up in my mouth at da same damn time where do I start with all that’s wrong in this pic Kay you wrong lol.

  2. She probably the trap house busto all ‘em mafuckas done ran up n through her ass. No self respecting woman would do this bs. She like the first slice of bread with her desperate ass

  3. meant for this comment to show here and not the other photo…sorry! lol –v

    woow….just woow….people these days are so fucking trashy ass nasty. this is something you wanna believe is Photoshopped…but im willing to bet 9 to 10 that its as real as it comes….nasty ass fucks..

  4. SMMFH. trife, just trife!! If Big Mama knew they had done turned her basement into the freaks and Hoes hideaway she’d have a damn stroke!!!


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